Standard Terms & Conditions

All orders are considered firm once the “Quotation Acceptance” has been signed. A $50.00 cancellation charge will apply in addition to costs incurred to date, including any stock purchased for the order.

All orders must be confirmed in writing – i.e. fax, email or post before proceeding. No verbal orders will be accepted.

The Client must supply all artwork. Should artwork not be available, Distinctive Promotions Limited can produce the required artwork for printing or embroidery at a quoted hourly rate.

Vector Graphics – This is the ideal format to supply artwork for branding. This format can easily be edited and resized without compromising the image quality. Vector artwork can be supplied in the following file types:

1. Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) 2. CorelDraw (CDR) 3. Adobe Illustrator (AI)
4. Portable Document Format (PDF)

Raster Graphics – Raster graphics are made up of grids of pixels and can’t be easily edited or resized. These files will need be converted or redrawn as vector graphics. If raster graphics are supplied, we will attempt to make this artwork useable otherwise a flat fee of $40.00 per hour will need to be charged to convert or redraw artwork. Raster artwork can be supplied in the following file types: 1. JPEG 2. Bitmap 3. PNG 4. TIFF 5. GIF

All artwork must be approved by the Client before it can progress to the branding stage. We accept no liability whatsoever for errors or omissions on paper and/or digital proofs signed off as correct. All costs to remedy the fault will be the Clients responsibility.

Quantity and/or sizing is to be supplied by the client for all stock ordered. We reserve the right to supply 5% above or below the quantity ordered. The actual quantity delivered will be invoiced. This applies to Promotional Products only (Excludes Apparel Wear).

A minimum handling fee of $20.00 per order is payable for Product and/or Apparel Wear supplied by the client that ONLY requires branding.

A minimum quantity surcharge of $30.00 per order is payable for total orders under 30 units.

FREIGHT CHARGES FOR SAMPLES: A freight charge will apply for ALL samples sent out upon the request of the client and the return of these samples back to the manufacturer. This freight charge is independent from the freight charge that is applicable for ALL orders placed. An estimate freight charge for each set of samples ordered is $15.00. This charge will be shown separately on the invoice once the order has been processed & dispatched. Insurance on goods in transit is at the client’s risk.

FREIGHT CHARGES FOR ORDERS: A minimum delivery/freight charge of $15.00 will apply. Freight charges are calculated on quantity, weight and delivery requirements per order. Delivery dates/time noted above are based from the date of final approval of artwork and NOT from date of order placed. Insurance on goods in transit is at the client’s risk.

SAMPLES: ALL samples sent out to clients may ONLY be kept for a maximum of 14 working days & then must be returned to Distinctive Promotions Ltd in the same condition they were supplied. These terms need to be adhered to, to avoid clients being charged for samples supplied and not returned within the time frame stipulated.

A lot of work goes into supplying samples. Each sample needs to be unpacked from its original packaging (before it is sent to the client) and once returned needs to be re packed into the original packaging & returned to the manufacturer. This is a very timely exercise so it would be appreciated if all samples requested are selected wisely.

Distinctive Promotions does not charge for this service. The ONLY charge applicable for all samples ordered is the freight cost for ordering in the samples, sending them out to the client & then returning them to the manufacturer – see above for costs applicable. All urgent orders required within the week from enquiry will incur a surcharge of $30.00 per order.

All Prices exclude GST.

Payment is due in full on the 20th day of the month following delivery. Should Distinctive Promotions Limited not receive payment, all costs of the collection process will be payable by the client. Ownership of goods hereby sold shall remain with Distinctive Promotions Limited until payment is received in full.

Returns and/or claims for damaged or lost goods should be made within seven (7) days of receipt of goods. All claims received after this will be dealt with on an individual basis. Distinctive Promotions Limited accepts no liability for any loss sustained through late delivery from any cause whatsoever, including negligence. We will not accept liability for damaged or lost items while in transit. Settlement rests with the carrier and we cannot be held responsible for their actions. Should Distinctive Promotions Limited be responsible for damage or negligence to the Clients product, Distinctive Promotions Limited will replace goods at cost price only.